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The DIY Atelier

  • DIY Healthy Hair Elixir

    It's not an oil, it's not a cream, it's not a conditioner... so what exactly is the Healthy Hair Elixir that saved my strands from bleach- and heat...
  • DIY Shimmer Body Oil that Won't Separate!

    Thick, rich, and elegant, this luxury body oil will not separate or sink over time!
  • DIY Rose Quartz Glycerin Soap

    A beginner and family friendly DIY project that will leave you with gorgeous gifts to give or keep for yourself! 
  • DIY Coconut Shea Lip Scrub

    Shea butter and coconut extract make for a fragrant and nourishing lip scrub that you can make for yourself or add to your own skincare line! 

  • DIY Strawberry Vanilla Lip Oil Scrub

    A luscious blend of brightening oils and moisturizing humecants that you can find in your own pantry!