DIY Coconut Shea Lip Scrub

Hello my fellow makers, friends, DIY lovers, and anyone kind enough to give this little blog a read! Today, I am making an easy and fun lip scrub (yes, another lip scrub... they are so fun and easy!) This one is not an oily scrub like the Strawberry Vanilla one, but is much more solid in texture. The ingredients make for such a luxurious and moisturizing product! Shea butter and a gorgeous oil blend make this formula unique and a little more advanced than the previous scrub. 

These ingredients, such as shea butter and squalene oil, may not be readily available in your pantry, so head on over to Amazon and stock up before you get to work! Like I always say, if you have a skincare brand like me, adding a lip scrub is a great idea! My wholesale clients can't get enough, they make a great impulse buy, and lip care is trending now! 

Below you will find the full recipe and our Reel video showing you how to do it. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for fun DIY videos along with our luxe skincare shop! 


4oz melted shea butter
4oz honey
1.5oz almond oil
.5oz squalene oil
.5oz jojoba oil
10oz sugar; add more or less according to your texture preference
a few drops coconut extract


Start by blending your melted (or softened) shea butter, honey, and oils in a large vessel. You can have fun with it and change the types of oil up, just make sure all ingredients are lip safe with a little research!
Once all of your “wet” ingredients are blended, add a few drops of extract. This can also be changed up and swapped out for other flavors so long as they are lip safe. Note that if you make a lot of changes to any formula, you may need to adjust weights and play around with it. Luckily, lip scrubs are quite flexible and forgiving!
Next, add the sugar. I recommend using twice as much sugar as you do oils. Some may prefer a more sugary texture while others like theirs more oily. It is up to you!
Finally, add some color if you’d like! This step is totally optional and the scrub is a lovely, creamy color without it. Spoon it into your desired vessels and allow to set. All done!
Lip scrubs are such a fun + easy product to add to your DIY project list or your skincare inventory! They are anhydrous and typically do not require a preservative which makes formulation pretty simple!