DIY Healthy Hair Elixir

It's not an oil, it's not a cream, it's not a conditioner... so what exactly is the Healthy Hair Elixir that saved my strands from bleach- and heat-induced agony? Let me tell you about it!

Golden in hue, thick and gel-like in texture, and luxurious in fragrance, this elixir contains hair-loving ingredients that can be traced back to ancient times! They can also be traced back to about three months ago, when I first started using this specific blend. You see, my hair has not always been long and healthy. In fact, I wouldn't even call it healthy now (at least not yet!), but it's definitely on a better track than it was a few months ago. Story time!

As a child, my red/orange/auburn waves garnered countless compliments from friends, family, and strangers to my parents. I remember women stopping my mom in the grocery store to fawn over my color and ask where it came from. I remember moms at birthday parties calling to me, "Hey, girl with the pretty red hair! Come over here!" The compliments embarrassed shy-elementary-aged me, and they only ever came from adults. The same feature that the older people in my life loved was actually the point of harassment and bullying by my peers, especially as I got older. All anyone ever noticed about me or identified me with was my hair. Sure, sometimes it's fun to have a signature feature or something about you that really stands out. Other times, especially when you are shy and introverted like me, you just want to kind of blend in. You want to be the rule and not the exception. As a disclaimer, I know that redheads are not the only people who are judged based on the way they look on the outside. I understand that my hair color woes are laughably trivial compared to the bigotry, racism, and hatred that minority groups in this country are too-often subjected to. I am in no way comparing my experience to those systemic and abominable issues. I am simply sharing how my hair came to be a damaged birds nest of broken ends and fried textures. 

In an attempt to escape the lewd and rude comments from people my age, unwanted hair touching, and to better meet the beauty standard of the time, I began to dye my hair. I colored it darker and bleached it lighter. When I didn't like the color, I lifted it and re-dyed it. I sat for hours at fancy salons with vegan formulas and expensive prices, and I used cheap box dye. I followed every hair care rule and then broke them all at once. By the time I was graduating college and ready to actually embrace my red roots, I was a long way gone from what I was born with. That was in 2017. It's not a sappy story of self-acceptance and redemption, but more of a desire to spend less money on running away from what I was born with and constantly having fried ends. 

Fast forward to today and bleach and dye have not touched my hair in a few years. Both my strands and my wallet are thankful for this turn of events. I have grown skeptical about buying into gimmicky products and have been using powerhouse ingredients, like oils and butters, on my hair in their purest forms. And.... I really love my hair color now. It took over 20 years, but I am finally happy with what I was blessed with. I love that it is not too red, not too brown. I love that it looks different in each light. I love that it goes lighter in the summer and darker in the winter. I love that it is different! 

Perhaps no product or single ingredient has made such a difference in my hair as the one described below. This elixir is a blend of thick oils, essential oil, and aloe vera gel. Each ingredient was carefully selected to perform a certain role in the formula, and boy does it work! Healthy hair really does begin with a healthy scalp. After all, that's where the strands grow from! 

Will I ever manufacture this product for sale? Maybe. Right now, I'm happy with it as a DIY project. You do have to shake it before each use as it will separate over time, but that's just the nature of DIY. Sure you could add an emulsifier, but why bother? It works amazingly in this pure, golden form!

Full formula and video below!

For an 8oz bottle:
2oz Amla Oil
2oz Argan Oil
2oz Castor Oil
2oz Aloe Vera Gel
A few drops of myrrh essential oil
Stir everything together until fully blended. Pour into container of your choice (I recommend dark glass or plastic; store away from sunlight). Use before washing hair as an intense oil treatment; this is not a leave-in product. Cover with a hot towel or add a self scalp massage for extra luxury and hair love!