DIY Rose Quartz Glycerin Soap

Hey everybody and welcome to the DIY Atelier! I am so happy that you are here and taking a moment to read and watch my creations... I do hope they inspire you and spark a little creativity! 

Today's DIY is a fun one - a super beginner friendly, kid and family friendly, forgiving recipe for melt and pour bars of soap! This isn't exactly making soap from scratch, but it's more like making art and using soap as our medium. And the finished product is so beautiful, you may not even want to use it! 

These aesthetically pleasing creations would look so beautiful in an Easter basket or Mother's Day self care kit. And like many of the ideas I post, they are completely personalize-able! If you want to switch out the rose quartz stone for amethyst or jade or aquamarine, you could totally do that! I'm already picturing how beautiful these would be with turquoise, silver, and aquamarine... 

See below for the full recipe and our Reel video! Plus, don't forget to follow us on Instagram for more DIY videos alongside our luxe skincare shop! Happy making!


Makes 3 4oz Bars:
13.2 oz clear glycerin soap base (we prefer palm free, SLS/SLES free by Stephenson brand)
0.38 oz Citron and Mandarin fragrance oil from CandleScience
3 rose quartz crystals
Gold mica
Pale pink mica
4oz soap molds


Cut up the glycerin base into 1-inch cubes and put into a microwave safe container. Set aside 2oz of the base in a separate, microwave-safe container. Measure out your fragrance oil so it’s ready when you need it.
“Paint” the edges and corners of your molds with gold mica. This will make a beautiful frame when you pop them out!
Melt the large portion of base by microwaving for 1:30 intervals, stirring in between. Add the fragrance oil and stir thoroughly.
Pour into soap molds, but leave a little room at the top (about 1/8” or so).
Drop in the crystals.
Color the remaining melted soap gold with the mica - start with a little, and build up until you get the gold you desire - and pour a little bit of it into the molds. It will diffuse beautifully, but don’t pour too much! Start slow and add more until your gold “cloud” is as small or large as you like.
Melt the separate 2oz of base and color it pink using the mica. Repeat the same process as you used with the gold: pour in a little bit until your pink cloud is your desired size.
Spritz wet soap tops with isopropyl alcohol to remove air bubbles. Allow to fully harden and pop them out! They are ready to wrap and label!

PS: You'll want to wrap these with plastic food wrap or shrink wrap ASAP to prevent 'glycerin dew' or sweating! Unwrap them when you are ready to use!