DIY Shimmer Body Oil that Won't Separate!

Hello fellow formulators and DIY-ers! 

Today we are making a gorgeous, luxurious, thick, shimmering body oil that feels elegant to apply and will not separate over time. It's a little bit more advanced than my previous tutorials, and is perfect for anyone ready to experiment with emulsifiers and fun additives. It's still super easy, so don't get scared away yet if formulating is new to you! 

Most DIY shimmer body oil tutorials I have seen involve just two components: a base oil, and a heaping scoop of mica. This WILL indeed create a shimmering oil, and there's nothing inherently wrong with these projects. However, in my own experience, these two-ingredient formulas are a bit greasy, the shimmer is minimal, and my least favorite part: the mica eventually sinks to the bottom. When I sell my formulas to boutique owners, I want to give them a stunning product that will look beautiful on their shelves, and a cloudy, separated formula isn't what I want to deliver. Enter out star ingredient: Cetyl Alcohol! 

Cetyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol with emulsifying properties. This means it is a moisturizing alcohol that will help suspend the mica in the base oil. I know 'alcohol' sounds like it would be drying... but not this stuff! Trust me! According to, " It imparts emollient properties to formulations due to its absorption and retention in the epidermis where it lubricates and softens the skin. Useful in creams, lotions, and scrubs; it can also be used to increase the melt point and improve the texture of whipped butters and lotion bars."

Other ingredients that I use (and are fairly easy to swap around to make it your own) include:

- Sweet Almond Oil

- Squalene Oil 

- Kiwi Seed Oil, for a dose of Vitamin C, E, Omega 3s, and naturally occurring linolenic acid. 

- Fragrance Oil, phthalate free, from CandleScience

- MicroSilica spheres for extra shimmer and light-scattering effects

- Olive oil (I use Olivem 300 for consistency)


60% sweet almond oil

10% squalene oil

6% kiwi seed oil

6% olive oil or ester (Olivem 300)

1% fragrance oil

7% cetyl alcohol

4% microsilica spheres 

6% mica



Weigh out all ingredients in separate, small glass vessels. I recommend wearing gloves, a mask, and something to keep your hair out of the way while formulating. 

Stir the microsilica spheres into the squalene oil and set aside. Add the almond oil, kiwi seed oil, and olive oil to a larger glass vessel and stir. Sprinkle in the cetyl alcohol.

Place the larger container with the oils and alcohol in a hot water bath, double boiler style, until the cetyl alcohol flakes are melted completely. Stir in the mica and remove from heat. 

Stir fragrance oil into the large vessel. Add the squalene and microsilica sphere mixture and stir thoroughly. 

Allow to cool, stirring every once in a while. Package and enjoy! 


- Swap out gold mica for bronze, rose gold, or any other color that you envision!

- Shimmer body oils are bestsellers in the summer months. Learn a winning formula now so you can add one to your inventory! 

- I purchase my ingredients from, and I highly recommend this supplier!

- See the Reel below for quick video version!