DIY Strawberry Vanilla Lip Oil Scrub

Hello friends, fellow makers, customers, and everyone! I am so happy that you are here in the DIY atelier and I hope that these blog posts give everyone a little inspiration to embrace creativity!

Today we are making a very luscious lip oil scrub: it's a nourishing blend of moisturizing humectants, oils, and a deliciously sweet exfoliant. The strawberry and vanilla extracts make it a fragrant part of your skincare routine! 

If you are a maker like me and skincare is part of your business, I highly recommend adding a lip scrub to your lineup. My wholesale clients absolutely love them and they make a great impulse buy. Plus, the formulas are typically anhydrous (meaning they don't contain water, which usually means a preservative is not necessary) and easy to personalize! You could easily swap out the oils and extracts I use to make it your own. Just don't forget to research and make sure your chosen ingredients are lip safe! :) 

The finished product is a luxurious oil scrub packed with fragrance and lip love. Note that this is NOT a solid lip scrub, but you could easily make it 'drier' by using coconut oil which is solid at room temperature! 

View the Reel and formula below to see how I do it! Don't forget to follow @SophiaRinkertAteliers on Instagram for lots of fun DIY reels in addition to our luxe skincare shop! 


3 parts (or tablespoons) brown sugar

2 parts honey

1 part papaya seed oil

A few drops of vanilla extract

A few drops of strawberry extract


It's pretty simple here, folks! Just blend everything up by hand using a whisk or an electric mixer. There are no complicated ingredients, temperature requirements, or phases, which makes this recipe super beginner friendly. If your scrub is feeling a little too oily for your taste, just add more sugar! If it's a little too dry, simply add more oil! Like I said earlier, this scrub is super easy to personalize to your own texture preferences. 

I prefer to store my lip scrub in 2oz glass containers. Enjoy using 2-3 times per week!