10 Tips to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Good morning and happy Sunday! It's Sophia from the Home Fragrance Atelier, and today I want give you the opportunity to transform your home into a haven of fragrance: these tips are bound to earn you compliments from family and friends, and you will love the feeling of luxury, ambiance, and peace that a signature home scent can provide. These are ten tips that I use on a daily basis, and I hope you will give a few a try! 

Ten Tips to Transform Your Home Into a Haven of Heavenly Fragrance
1. Get rid of anything that smells unpleasant. All of the candles, sprays, and air fresheners in the world won't effectively mask rotting trash, a full litterbox, mildewed laundry, or other general home odors. I personally love to scent my home with a clean slate: emptied trash cans, clean dishes, and other little tasks can make for a nice, blank canvas to begin with. 

2. Do a quick sweep, mop, and dust. I do this weekly, but everyone has a schedule that works best for them. I love the smell of floors freshly cleaned with Murphy's, and candles just feel like even more of a luxury when they are burning in a clean home. My candles are my reward system, and it might work for you too! 

3. Know what size fragrance product each room needs. Okay, our homes are now clean and we can start getting into the good stuff! Large rooms will each need their own candle, and I like to supplement mine by spritzing down upholstery with a matching room spray a few times a week. I keep a candle burning in my entry way, my living room, and my kitchen. The wonderful thing about our candles is that they are never cloying - you can burn a few of them at the same time and the fragrance won't be overwhelming or harsh. Just a light whiff here and there is all I need. 
For smaller or infrequently used rooms, like bathrooms and guest bedrooms, I like to use a nice reed diffuser. These are flame-free options that you can essentially set up and then forget about - just remember to flip the reeds once a week. 
And finally, for closets, I like to mist mine down with a room spray on Sundays. It leaves my clothing and linens with just a teeny hint of sophisticated fragrance, and it makes me so happy. 

4. Practice safety when burning candles. It may be tempting to lay down for a nap while your candles burn or place a lit candle right beside an open window on a breezy day. It is super important to always practice safety, and that means supervising your lit candles at all times, keeping them away from drafts, breezes, and vents, and trimming your wick before each burn. A wick should never be longer 1/8-1/4 inch. Not only will this help with safety, but it will also keep your beautiful candles from smoking and producing soot. 

5. Open the windows. Fresh air will always win against stale inside air. Even just cracking a window in each room can make a difference. Let the fresh breeze naturally neutralize your home! 

6. Store a scented bar of soap in your garment drawers. I learned this tip from Asheville's Simply Posh - give her a follow on Instagram for home décor tips and more! She recommends cutting up a bar of delectably scented soap (she's using ours now!) and storing a piece in your dresser drawers for lightly fragranced garments. What an easy but powerful idea! 

7. Learn how to neutralize. Sometimes, the old fashioned tips really are the most effective. If you notice a stubborn funk in your laundry, in your fridge, or your upholstery, try good old white vinegar and baking soda. The vinegar is powerful: I once accidentally ran over an (already deceased, unfortunately) skunk in my car. The odor was overwhelming, and it clung to both the inside and outside of my vehicle. The only thing that immediately worked? Vinegar. I drenched my car in the stuff, and within the day, the smell was back to normal. That is some strong odor-neutralizing capability! Mix it with baking soda for a fizzy, odor-fighting blend, and use it to wipe down your most stubborn surfaces. 

8. Dip cotton balls in perfume and tuck them around your home. I love this tip so much: I first read it in a party etiquette book from the 1950s that my grandmother shared with me. The book recommended tucking these scented cotton balls in between couch cushions for a little release of luxury fragrance each time you sit down. What a fun and unique idea! 

9. Bake things that smell amazing, or fake it with a simmer! A fresh pan of brownies is sure to make any home smell enticing, but an even simpler way to fill your home with a natural scent is with a stove simmer: cut up citrus fruits and add some of your favorite spices to a pot, fill with water, and allow to simmer on low. Check out Pinterest for a variety of seasonal blends and ideas!

10. Change it up! The final tip is to regularly switch up your home fragrance. It's true that our noses become adjusted and we may feel like our candles, sprays, or diffusers have lost their power. Try trading out your candles and mixing up your sprays to always keep it fresh and exciting. 


I hope you enjoyed reading our tips for the day! I'm ready to go get started on fragrancing my house after this. As you move through your journey to find your home's next signature scent, remember to mark your calendar for Saturday, 10/30 to be the first to experience Eau de Diamonds: truly a timeless, delectable aroma that will make your home smell the best, most luxurious it ever has. 
Too in love with your mainstream candles to consider a hand-poured brand? Worried about phthalates and hormone disruptors? Wondering if our candles are sustainable? We'll address these and more in our next newsletter. Stick around for your opportunity to get a complementary product and other special offers! 

Talk soon,