About Us



I'm Sophia, owner of SRAteliers and creator of all of the products you see here! My husband and I have operated this small business in Western NC for over a year now, following my long background in retail and small business management.  

As someone who has had keratosis pilaris my whole life, I was sick and tired of the lackluster results I was getting from drugstore products. Even the expensive formulas weren't giving me the results I sought! My skin was left feeling tight, dry, itchy, and bumpy. After doing my own research, I finally found a routine that that I used and tweaked to perfection all throughout college! The secret wasn't any one brand and it certainly didn't require a ton of hard-to-pronounce ingredients. In fact, I was getting the best results from using powerhouse ingredients in their purest forms! Pure shea butter, silky almond oil, and coconut oil were giving me the skin love I craved. I researched the formulas you see here with my experiences in mind, and I use and love my own products every day! 

For new friends, here's a little about me: 

- My husband and I live in the mountains of NC with our kitty and little dog

- I have been making my own cosmetics and skincare formulas for years, and I recently developed that passion into this small business

- My products are all inspired by art, literature, music, and all things beautiful + interesting 

- I use much of the profits I earn to buy books and supplies for my classroom and students

- I am so glad you're here! Welcome!