Signatures Collection Candle and Room Spray Bundle

Signatures Collection Candle and Room Spray Bundle

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Do you take diamonds with your candles? 

For a home that smells like luxury, fashion, opulence, and freshness, our official signature candle and room spray bundle is ready for you. 

The candle is presented in a gorgeously glowing iridescent vessel, filled with our house blend of natural waxes, and fragranced with our signature Eau de Diamonds. When we say luxury, we mean it: that's why we wove real crushed diamond sparkles into our wax, lending to a subtle, beautiful shimmer as you burn. 

The room spray is packaged in a chic, matte black vessel (3.4 oz) and adds a burst of fresh, luxe fragrance to curtains, closets, linens, and more. 

Eau de Diamonds opens with fresh notes of plumeria and jasmine, with a heart of sweet vanilla and mysterious musk. The slightest hint of coconut adds interest without overpowering, leading to a fragrance that is perfect all year round. 

Each container is recyclable and gorgeous to display even after use. 

Available for a limited time in a limited quantity: offer closes on Wednesday, November 3rd. 

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